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2013 Topics
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April 2013

April 2, 2013

The PR-G Series Combines Durable Metal Housing with Reliable Detection Capabilities to Create a Line of Self-contained Photoeyes that will Provide Lasting Detection in Nearly Any Application.
Learn How Measurement Techniques are Advancing as Specifications Continue Rising.
In Addition to the Already Easy-setup of the IV Series, New Communication and Output Features Have Been Added for Easier PLC Integration and Saving Images.
Volume 5 Presents Lighting Settings, OCR, and the KEYENCE Support System Advantage!
Learn How to Maximize the Capabilities of Your Digital Microscope.

March 2013

March 19, 2013

More Than Double the Measurement Range with Automatic Stage and Autofocus for Superior Flexibility and Ease-Of-Use.
VK-X Series 3D Laser Measuring Microscope Performs Profile and Roughness Measurements from Nanometers to Millimeters.
Learn How Code Reading on Challenging Surfaces can be Achieved with Positioning and Programming Techniques.
The Combination of Distance-based Sensing and a Laser Light Source, Allows the GV Series to Accurately Detect Position Change and Part Presence / Absence. This is Ideal for Eliminating Various Types of Mistakes in Lean Manufacturing Environments.
Volume 4 of Our Popular Series Introduces Various Types of Lenses, Vision Based Positioning, and Image Filtering.

March 5, 2013

Our Latest Microscope Combines the Strengths of Four Essential Imaging and Measurement Technologies.
Discover How to Achieve a Reduction in Product Damage and Reduce Downtime with Keyence's Unique Static Elimination Methods.
Download the Latest KEYENCE Catalog of 3-Axis Laser Marking Products!
The Industry's First Miniature Metal Photoeyes are also ECOLAB and Diversey Certified for Hygienic Applications. The Sleek SUS316L Housing and High Enclosure Ratings Make the PR-M/F Series Ideal for Applications Requiring Vigorous Wash-Downs.
Industry Professionals Agree That the KEYENCE High-speed Laser Profiler is the Go-to Tool for High-speed Inline Measurement.

February 2013

February 19, 2013

By Increasing the Power of the Light Curtains and Incorporating a Rigid, Heavy Duty Frame, the GL-R Series has Combated the Two Main Issues that Plague Light Curtain Alignment and has Made it Easier than Ever.
Learn What Improvements Top Manufacturers in the Automotive Electronics Parts Industry are Making to Optimize Quality and Output.
Learn the Basics of Image Processing That You've Always Wondered About! Back Issues Are Also Available!
Perform Non-contact Profile, Roughness and Thickness Measurements, From mm to nm, On Any Material.
Built-in Calculation Functions Allow Digital Contact Sensors to be Used In a Wide Variety of Applications with Higher Accuracy and Easier Setup than Traditional LVDTs.

February 5, 2013

Our Customers Cite the Top Reasons They Selected A Digital Microscope Over Conventional Microscope Technologies.
New Inspection and Communication Features Added to Increase the IV Series Ease of Use and Versatility.
Learn How Smartphone Manufacturers Utilize the Latest Measurement Equipment.
From Wavelength Characteristics to Scanning Principles; A Set of Educational Materials That Provides You a Basic Knowledge of Laser Markers.
By Combining Distance Based Detection With a Function That Automatically Adjusts the Sensor Power, the LR-Z is Able to Reliably Detect Targets Regardless of Color, Surface Finish, or Angle.

January 2013

January 22, 2013

Automotive Marking Applications - Examples for Laser Marking that Supports Traceability. A Must-See for Those in the Automotive Industry!
By Using a Free-flowing Detection Method, the FD-M Series Can Reliably Detect Flow Without the Constant Need to Clean Moving Internal Components.
Notice an Increase in Adhesion or Electrostatic Discharge? Dry Winter Months Can Cause an Increase in Product Damage Due to Static Electricity.
New Collection Reveals Latest Trends in the Automotive Industry.
10 Innovations You Should Consider When Choosing a New Microscope.

January 8, 2013

With Innovative Features, Such as its Resin-filled Metal Structure, Cross Talk Prevention Function, and Standard M3 Mounting Holes, the PR-M/F Series Stands as THE New Standard for Miniature Photoeyes.
Turning Down Orders Because of Quality Bottlenecks?
New Reference Guide Explains Roughness Basics, Including New ISO for Surface Texture, and Compares Different Measurement Technologies.
Understand Which Marking Methods are Best for a Wide Variety of Materials, and What is the Difference Between "Easy to See" and "Easy to Read".
Learn the Basics of Image Processing That You've Always Wondered About!

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